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RevereBed by Amerisleep

RevereBed by Amerisleep

The RevereBed™ by Amerisleep

This memory foam mattress compares to the Tempur-Pedic® RhapsodyBed.

Pros and Cons

The advantage of this mattress is the quicker response feel of the memory foam. Instead of the “stuck” feeling, you’ll be able to move with ease. It’s also a more breathable, plant-based formula (compared to the petroleum formula with Tempurpedic).

Something that might be of concern might be the 4.5lb density of the memory foam. Keep in mind that quality and density are not the same thing. Since the foam is made in the USA and since it’s a plant-based formula, the quality remains very high. Out of all the reviews that we found, none brought up any issues with either quality or durability.

Lastly, we found that the mattress tends to run a slight bit firmer than the equivalent Tempurpedic model. However, the reviews still rate the bed as very comfortable.


As stated above briefly, the quality of the materials that go into this mattress is very high. Even though the density of the foam is 4.5lbs, we’ve kept the rating high at 4 stars since it’s made in the USA and also since it features the plant-based eco-friendly formula.


Delivery is guaranteed within 2 weeks. They even have a delivery calendar on the website that shows the latest date you’ll receive the mattress. The quick shipping and convenient calender feature earn the mattress 5 stars.

Trial Period

The trial period is a full 90 days. However, similar to other companies, you are required to try (keep) the mattress for 30 days to let your body adjust to the new feel before you can return it. 4 Stars


The warranty is solid (20 years – 10 years full replacement, 10 years pro rated) and the information is clearly stated on the website. For this reason, we’ve rated the warranty at a full 5 stars.


We rated the price at a full 5 stars. The quality and features included in the mattress make the price especially attractive. The RevereBed starts at $599 for a Twin which is much lower than the comparable model and size from Tempurpedic which starts at $2499.

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